Action Not Perfection

entrepreneur educationMy husband, whom I love to the moon and back, is parking impaired. He’s always in search of the perfect parking spot. I want to add that this annoys me completely, and with every lap around the shopping center parking lot I’m holding my breath. I’ll be saying things like, “I could already be checking out by now.” That’s usually followed up with, “You need some exercise anyway.”

This past weekend as we’re circling the parking lot for the 3rd time, I had a huge epiphany.

I do this. We ALL do this.

Well maybe not exactly like this, but we all search for perfection. I have to say that some us are just misdemeanor offenders while others have committed major felonies (me)!

Perfection is Very Expensive

The past few years that I’ve spent working with and mentoring entrepreneurs I’ve learned that one of their largest expenses is perfection. Perfection costs money! Opportunities untaken and projects not launched costs us money.

A few months ago I purchased a business course from someone in my industry whom I follow and really look up to. I won’t mention his name, but something tells me if I did, he would smile proudly and not be ashamed one bit. 

The content in this course was fantastic. However, I was blown away by the number of grammatical errors. Doesn’t he have people working for him that can fix stuff like this? I was thinking, wow, people are going to be upset.

As a part of this course we were given access to a private Facebook group, to talk amongst ourselves and compare notes. I thought wow, this is great, I bet they’ll be talking about all his errors! I couldn’t wait to see what everyone was saying about him! So I went to the Facebook group page and there was nothing! Not one comment about his blatant mistakes or bad grammar! Only raving fans.

You know why? Because no one cared. All they cared about was they learned great things that helped them to a new level in their business. Nothing else mattered.

Now, I’m not saying go out and write bad products that are full of grammatical errors! That’s not my point at all.

The point IS everything doesn’t have to be perfect – it just has to BE. 

How many times have you said when I do ______ then I’ll do ______? Does it ever get done? Do you delude yourself and believe that there will EVER be a time of no obstacles at all? A time when the heavens open, the birds sing, and the effort required is so small that the work almost does itself?

Okay I will be the one to tell you, sorry but that time isn’t coming. The only perfect time to do anything is right now. If it’s a product you want to create, or a step you want to take in your business just do it. Making it perfect can be a process while you’re working at it. I also feel that I need to tell you that usually the only person mulling over every last detail of what you say and do – is you. No one else cares that much. So now I ask you – who is your project for? Is it for you or for someone else like your target market? You’re not trying to sell something to yourself. 

Waiting Doesn’t Give You Immunity From Failure

Whatever you do I’m sure that you have someone you look up to in that space. Someone that you may think is more successful than you? You know what the real difference is?

They’re not waiting.

I think many times when we find ourselves frozen it’s because we’re afraid we’ll make mistakes. If you relate let me ask you a question, I want  you to really give this some hard thought. Of all the wonderful lessons you’ve gained in your life where did most of them come from? Did they come from sitting on the sidelines? Getting everything right? Or perhaps did they come from making mistakes? Do you think that waiting will prevent you from failing? It won’t. Waiting doesn’t give you immunity from failure it only delays success. 

Mistakes are necessary – it’s how we learn. So if you keep yourself in the safety zone, you get no where and you learn nothing.

Go ahead and park the car in the spot the furthest away from the market, the walk will do you good!



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    We have the same perspective Tammy. Perfection for me is such a big luxury and mind you, perfect is boring! LOL. But seriously rather than using that term, I prefer the word “excellence” cause it doesn’t create any pressure on my part, and it gives me the idea that it’s okay if there are lapses or flaws to things that I am or will be doing. It’s part of it, and learning can never transpire without it. Not only that, It also gives me the idea, of progression, that If I take one step at a time, (not one big time), I get to see where I need to work on to. That is how I do business. =)

    • Tammy Hawk-Bridges says

      Hi David! You are so right! Perfect IS boring. But like you, I do indeed strive for excellence everyday. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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    A thought provoking post I must say. If we as entrepreneurs keep waiting for perfection, then we can’t achieve much. Perfection only comes with consistent practice, and this is action oriented.

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    Sunday – contributor

  3. says

    While perfection is a good ideal in everything we do, obsession with it or holding out plans until one is sure that it shall be perfect is time-wasting and costly. Humans and, in consequence, everything they create or handle, cannot be perfect all the time. Errors and imperfections are common in human life, and it is through them that we learn and develop better solutions for the future. If we fear imperfections, we cannot get anything done.

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