Scaling a Home-Based Business


There are all sorts of homepreneurs. You have homepreneurs that are just making a secondary income to help support the family, you have the dabblers or the hobbyists (mainly working for shopping money), then you have the people who are designing a full scale and profitable business. I've built a full scale home-based business completely by design and I have absolutely zero intentions of taking this business outside my home. I love the commute of exactly 18 steps to my office. I also love … [Read more...]

Starting a Home-Based Business


Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest on the podcast of Dave Goodwin of Growinge - The Growing Entrepreneur. His podcast is new to the scene so if you haven't heard of it, please check it out and bookmark it. There's no doubt he'll do amazing things in his endeavor for the entrepreneur world. I got the opportunity to talk about my experience as a recession entrepreneur, the struggles I faced in my endeavor, and how I finally not only got it right but also found my purpose. I would love … [Read more...]