How to Grow Your Business

growing a businessOne of the most common questions I get asked is How Can I Grow My Business? So many people may think that it’s tough to start a business and I’m here to tell you I agree. But you know what’s harder than that? The step that comes after – growing.

Growing a business is really tough!

It’s easier to start the climb. You have no where to go but up! It’s sort of like a relationship that’s brand new, you have the sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach, and stars in your eyes. However, when you take that relationship to the next level – perhaps marriage, that’s when the real work comes in. The stars in your eyes are replaced with compromise. You now realize this relationship business is very hard work, if it’s successful that is.

When you’ve gotten your business off the ground okay and you’ve managed to get some clients – then what? Well now comes the really hard part. Growth. It’s time to grow and go to the next level. The problem is you may have blown your wad on the way up? You’re tired and you don’t know exactly what to do? Or perhaps you do know what needs to be done – its just too hard?

So because it’s too hard to do the real work you surround yourself with busy work instead? You create the illusion of productivity and lose yourself in tasks. Busy work is a self-inflicted diversion that keeps us from the real work and decisions in our business. You know what else? It’s not profitable. But I feel certain you already know that.

How to Grow Your Business – What Does it Take?

I’m on the front lines every day working with entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses not to mention taking time out to nurture my own. I want to share with you some very common hurdles and how to overcome them.

1. Don’t Make Abyss Statements – Instead of saying I need more clients or I need more revenue, quantify your statements. If you don’t make what you need clear you’re just sending it out to the abyss (where dreams go to die). When I decided this year that I was ready to grow my business I wrote down in very specific terms exactly what that meant, which leads me to the next tip.

2. Design a Plan – If you don’t have a plan in your business, you get the default plan – the hamster wheel. Once you decide how much you want to grow then you want to decide exactly how you’re going to get there. What’s your marketing strategy? How will you reach enough people to get the amount of customers or clients you need?

3. ACT on Ideas – If you spend the time to come up with great ideas and a design a plan – execute them! Blah blah blah doesn’t create moolah in your business.

4. Don’t Think Small – There are times we have to take risks in our business to experience growth. When was the last time you were really scared in your business? If you don’t know, you’re playing it way too safe. You can’t be brown-baggin’ your business if you want to go to the next level.  It takes money to make money and you have to be willing to make investments in your business. If you aren’t willing – why should anyone else?

Yes growing a business is certainly not for pansies! But don’t give up! Come up with a great strategy thats based on a very specific plan and then KILL IT.

Every time I’m discouraged (yes I too get discouraged) I remind myself of this great quote by Napoleon Hill -

Don’t give up, you never know when you may be digging 3 feet from gold. 




  1. says

    Hi Tammy,
    I love your analogy of business and marriage. The relationship aspect is similar. There is a stage when the reality of comprise dawns on those involved!

    On growing business, its difficult but with will for commitment the business owner is likely to achieve success.

    If you ask me, I would recommend that anyone who wants to grown a business should re-emphasize the goal setting principle of SMART. In other words, business easily grows when the goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

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    Sunday – contributor

    • Tammy Hawk-Bridges says

      Thank you so much Sunday. Yes they are very similar. Thank you for your comments and for reading my blog. Cheers! Tammy

  2. says

    Success has never been achieved by starting any venture with fear, Starting is difficult but am sure if successful businesses have allowed that deter them they would not smell success..

    When great and attainable plans are laid out with the right mindset success can be achieved, there are how ever down times but with continued push and willl one will surmount and grow an enviable business…

    Thanks for sharing on

  3. says

    I think, starting a new business is easier than being stable in competitive market after start-up. Once, you have established successfully in business industry, you have to grow in terms of clients, customers and also in products or services.

    Keeping your business regularly grown is the only way to survive in the competition market. Otherwise, some day, some more competitive firm will overcome your business and It will be much harder to make a come back.

    And to make an impact, business people always keep enhancing their skills and they do things according to market trends to be on the top.
    Thanks for sharing it on community.

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