Are You Leveraging Online Marketing?

So many business owners completely overlook the amazing opportunity in online advertising. Leveraging online marketing such as paid Google and Facebook ads can grow your business at a pace you've never experienced before! It's not only an inexpensive way to generate more leads but also inexpensive. Check out the video marketing lesson, it will convince you! Click here to read the blog post that goes along with this video for a more in depth marketing lesson. 

Are You Making Tough Decisions in Your Business? If No - Maybe That's Why It's Not Working

Do you understand what it takes to build a profitable business? It takes a strategy! It also takes making some tough decisions from time to time. Like firing clients that cost you money versus making you money. 1 million new micro businesses start up every year (A micro business is made up of 1 or 2 people.). 80% of those 1 million businesses won’t break 50K in annual revenue.  So what about the 20% remaining? How do these entrepreneurs break the barrier?  They’re making tough decisions. They’re looking at the BIG picture. They have a plan. They have a strategy. If you want to read the blog post that goes along with this video click here. 

Use Power Words to Reach Your Target Market

Marketing in our 8-second attention span world is very complicated! Which is why identifying your ideal client or target market is even more crucial than ever. If you're marketing in generic terms -- it's especially going to be tough for you. However, if you can target your prospect and really close in on their needs then you can be very specific with your marketing. You want to aim your marketing efforts right at your target! To get the attention of your target market you will need to use power words in your marketing messages. Power words will get someone to sit up and take notice. The reason being, power words are going to be automatically aimed at what THEY want. Click here to read the blog post that goes along with this video lesson and to get a list of the Top 50 Power Words That Sell! 

Determine the Cost of Your Time - Here's 4 Steps

This is something that every entrepreneur struggles with! Let me tell you a sure way to stay off that hamster wheel! Make sure you know what your time costs. Commit to that dollar figure and learn how to leverage your time. If you are cognizant of your time and really value it - that can help keep you off the wheel! In this video I share with you the way to figure out what your time costs and then how to make sure you leverage it correctly. Click here to read the blog post that goes along with this video lesson. 

Marketing Strategies - The 8-second Attention Span World

We're now living in an 8-second attention span world. It's just crucial to consider this fact when you're developing your marketing strategies. Let me tell you about a process I use with my own clients called The Removal Process, watch the video to hear about a great strategy that is a huge eye-opener! Click here to read the blog post that goes along with this video.

Home-Based Business - 6 Attributes of the Success Mindset

I've worked with many entrepreneurs. There are those that just can't break through the wall - then there are those that even though they have very few resources they become extremely successful. Can you guess the reason? They had the Killer Mindset - this is a requirement for the home based entrepreneur. Mindset is absolutely everything! If you would like to read the blog post that goes along with this video marketing lesson click here. 

Home Business Owners Education - The Art of Persuasion

I think that many people feel that persuasion is a form of manipulation which is why there was a negative implication when I discussed it with my friend. According to an article written for Forbes, called The 21 Principles of Persuasion written by Jason Nazar, persuasion is not manipulation -- manipulation is coercion through force to get someone to do something that is not in their own interest. Persuasion is the art of getting people to do things that are in their own best interest that also benefit you.