Successful Entrepreneurs Have Killer Mindsets – Here’s the 6 Attributes

There’s one thing that separates mediocre entrepreneurs from very successful ones – it’s called mindset. Very successful people have mindsets that lead them to prosperity and pushes them to out perform others.

It doesn’t matter how attractive  you are, how smart you are, that you have a fancy education, or even came from a rich family – none of those things matter if you don’t have the mindset of success.

These days so many people are just looking for a quick way to make a buck so they can be happier and have more freedom. It reminds me of an ant farm I saw in a toy store once, the ants were moving around so fast and just crawling all over each other. They just moved around in circles and never got anywhere.

Here’s a newsflash – very few people hit it rich with very little work, unless they win the lottery. 

So instead of chasing a quick buck how about spending that energy to learn the right way to be successful?

I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with some that even though they had all the right tools they just couldn’t get it together. I’ve also worked with some that despite their limited resources they became very successful.

The divider was mindset. Some people have the mindset of success and some don’t.

The interesting thing is, not having the mindset of success is a choice. You can’t become more beautiful or smarter at the snap of a finger. However, the mindset of success can be yours by merely deciding it to be so. The downfall of many is deciding isn’t where it ends, action is required to bring it to fruition.

Action is the true divider, some people are up to the task, others, not so much. Most will keep seeking an easier way.

I want you to know that you can operate a successful business from your home while staying in your pajamas all day if that’s what you want to do. I know you can, because I’ve done it. (The successful business that is, I don’t stay in my p.j.’s all day….well not usually. :-))

However, there’s one crucial tool you’ll need, the success mindset.

home based businessThe 6 Attributes of the Killer Entrepreneur Mindset

1. Failure – Successful people with strong mindsets take chances and they’re not afraid to fail. They’re open to failing because they know thats how they learn.  They take risks and invest in their businesses so they can move forward quickly. They know failure and loss is a possibility but it doesn’t stop them.

The divider is they don’t commit the same failures over and over. They make a mistake once, they learn from it, they don’t create that same failure again.

One of the things I love to say is fail well. I enjoying saying that because I know from experience that failing well is a sure way to success. Failing badly however doesn’t create the same result. An example of failing badly is continuing bad behavior that doesn’t bring the desired result.

2. Knowledge – Successful people constantly  broaden their minds by learning. Successful entrepreneurs with a strong mindset obtain the knowledge that they need to grow their businesses. They’re not looking for a quick fix, to ride someone’s shirt tales, or be a copy of a copy. They learn what they have to so they can get where they need to be.

3. Obstacles – Entrepreneurs that have a mindset for success overcome and move through obstacles. You must be able to get through and recover quickly when you’re faced with an obstacle. Especially if you have a home-based business. There are so many distractions if you work in your home. Perhaps you see the laundry on the floor or the dishes that are in the sink. It’s imperative that you develop a work-mode and when in that mode the walls around you don’t exist. Only your business exists. If you’re the type of entrepreneur that’s always looking for the perfect time whereas obstacles won’t be present – good luck looking for something that doesn’t exist. Once one obstacle is removed another will slide into its place. There will ALWAYS be obstacles of some sort in your way. Develop a mindset that moves around obstacles and pushes to succeed anyway.

4. Goals – An entrepreneur with a mindset built for success understands the importance of long and short term goals – If you operate in your business every day without a clear idea as to what you’re working toward you’ll find yourself on the proverbial hamster wheel. The problem with the hamster wheel is it feels a lot like success. You’re moving at a fast pace constantly and when you get off you’re really tired so you feel like you worked hard. But if you take time to look around you even though you worked hard all day nothing changed you’re in the same place. I know business owners that have done this for YEARS before they have the courage to stop the wheel. Being busy isn’t profitable! Successful entrepreneurs with strong mindsets have a very clear idea of exactly what they want from their business and they design a path that takes them there.

5. Excuses – Successful entrepreneurs with a great mindset don’t feel the need to create excuses. Know your limitations and never over commit yourself because that sets you up for failure. Occasionally there will be times you won’t meet your commitments, hey, we’re only human! But if you don’t, own it. For example one thing I can’t stand  to hear people say is, “I didn’t have time to do that”. Especially if the task at hand was relatively small. What I prefer you do is to own it and instead say, “I didn’t do a good job of managing my time today so I didn’t get that done”.  You’re in charge of your business and what happens in it good or bad. When you come up short, own it.

6. Action – Successful entrepreneurs don’t just sit around talking about good ideas, they commit action. Great ideas aren’t worth much if you arent taking actionable steps in your business every day that gets you closer to your goals. Being action oriented in your business every day is the real divider between people who actually ARE successful and others who are just pretending to be.

Do you have the killer mindset of success?


    • Tammy Hawk-Bridges says

      Ryan I definitely agree with you. Most failures can be a success IF you learn your lesson that is! LOL Thanks for stopping by Ryan!


  1. says

    Hey Tammy!

    Great post, and you’re very comfortable on video. Nice one!

    Mindset is so important, I agree. Are there specific tools you recommend to create new mindset habits?


    • Tammy Hawk-Bridges says

      Hi Nathan thanks for the compliment about video – it took me quite some time to accomplish that! Tools for creating mindset habits? I would say you should have a short-term and long term plan written out. I use Evernote in my business and love it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    Wonderful post Tammi, these are all great attributes to have. I’m always telling people that you never stop learning but it is a lot easier when you actually want to learn. Thanks for sharing your insights!

    • Tammy Hawk-Bridges says

      Hi Kerri, yes very true! We should all be eternal students. Especially if you have a business!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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