Have a Small Business Idea? Here’s Some Considerations

One of the worst things you can do? Create a business with absolutely no foundation other than it seems like a cool idea. When I left corporate America and entered into the world of entrepreneurship I thought that being a smart business woman gave me a leg up. Boy, was I stupid! I had a […]

Successful Entrepreneurs Have Killer Mindsets – Here’s the 6 Attributes

There’s one thing that separates mediocre entrepreneurs from very successful ones – it’s called mindset. Very successful people have mindsets that lead them to prosperity and pushes them to out perform others. It doesn’t matter how attractive  you are, how smart you are, that you have a fancy education, or even came from a rich […]

Entrepreneur Education – Time to Grow

The last month I’ve been experiencing what they call “growing pains” in my business. A few years ago when I didn’t know where my next house payment was coming from I would have gladly welcomed this stage! However, when it happens it’s quite scary, not really as fun as I thought it would be. It’s […]

Entrepreneur Education – Making Wallet-Decisions

As someone on the front lines, I have many stories of entrepreneurial missteps. There’s one trait at the top of the bad list and that’s the curse of indecision we talked about last week, or being frozen.  Now we’re going to talk about what in my opinion is the second worst offense and that is making wallet-decisions. […]