Niche Marketing – Who is Your Perfect Customer?

Niche Marketing

Want the secret to huge success and riches? Focus. Laser focus and super-clarity. This is the magic potion that makes dreams come true. People that are incredibly successful are FOCUSED. They know what they're doing, why they're doing it, and WHO they're doing it for. Do you? In this marketing lesson we're going to talk about your Perfect Customer. This is the person or company that's the perfect fit for your business. I don't have to tell you that marketing a business is not … [Read more...]

Niche Marketing Impacts Time


Last week we talked about the 8-second attention span and I got lots of great feedback on that post. Now, this week I want to talk in more detail about niche marketing and why it's so crucial in our busy and over-connected world. However, in this post I'm going to take a little bit of a different approach and talk about the big picture. What's the one thing that we can't seem to get enough of? I'll give you a hint - it's something that even though it's very expensive, it never seems to be … [Read more...]

A Marketing Strategy in 8 Seconds or Less


A marketing strategy isn't an option - it's unfortunate that many think of it that way. It's also unfortunate that the entrepreneurs that do see it as an option, may not get the full potential out of their business with that mindset. One of the reasons marketing doesn't get the attention it deserves is because it's hard work. It's especially hard these days, have you noticed that the entire landscape of business has completely changed? Marketing Strategy - Complacency is Dead At least once a … [Read more...]

Niche Marketing Brings Clarity in Your Business


Clarity in business is one crucial step in building profitability that is very often overlooked. So many entrepreneurs embark on going solo and they hit brick walls, then they wonder what is going wrong or why this is happening to them. For Clarity Niche Marketing is the Simple Answer You need to know exactly what your purpose is in your business, this is how you find clarity. Then you have to develop a very strategic plan to carry out that purpose, step-by-step. The hard part is even when you … [Read more...]

Use Niche Marketing to Get More Clients


To get more clients it will take a strategic marketing effort. A large part of that effort is simply one thing - being very clear about what it is you do- and whom you do it for. What's your niche marketing strategy? Use Niche Marketing to Get Heard Marketing and attracting clients is a very tough job. Especially now in our very noisy world. People have information thrown at them left and right, if you want to get their attention you are going to have to somehow standout among the noise. To … [Read more...]

Niche Marketing- The 80/20 Rule


One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is trying to sell everything to everyone. I understand how this mistake can be made, you think that if you have lots of different products you multiply your chance of closing a deal. You couldn't be more wrong. When you are starting or running a business marketing your business is hard. It's REALLY hard. It really helps if you can pick a product and really focus hard on that one thing, this focus is what makes niche marketing so … [Read more...]