Niche Marketing Impacts Time


Last week we talked about the 8-second attention span and I got lots of great feedback on that post. Now, this week I want to talk in more detail about niche marketing and why it’s so crucial in our busy and over-connected world. However, in this post I’m going to take a little bit of […]

A Marketing Strategy in 8 Seconds or Less


A marketing strategy isn’t an option – it’s unfortunate that many think of it that way. It’s also unfortunate that the entrepreneurs that do see it as an option, may not get the full potential out of their business with that mindset. One of the reasons marketing doesn’t get the attention it deserves is because […]

Niche Marketing- The 80/20 Rule


One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is trying to sell everything to everyone. I understand how this mistake can be made, you think that if you have lots of different products you multiply your chance of closing a deal. You couldn’t be more wrong. When you are starting or running a business […]