I Teach Entrepreneurs How to Use the Internet to Grow Their Businesses

I came from corporate America, as many entrepreneurs have post recession. I have a background as a high level sales executive, primarily in the advertising and marketing industry. I got booted from a career that I devoted a large portion of my professional life to, and loved.

It never occurred to me that could happen. So I said F-that. 

I was uncomfortable allowing someone else to have that much power over my life. I wanted that power to be my own.

So I left the cubicle world.

My first attempt at entrepreneurship failed, sort of.

I say sort of because is it really a failure if it leads you to the next step on your path to your true destination?

The first time around I lost tons of time, money, dignity, tears, sleep…you name it.

I fell flat on my face.


Well, after giving it tons of thought it came down to a few factors:

  1. I thought that being a smart executive gave me a ticket to being a successful entrepreneur. WRONG!
  2. I worked HARD all day long – seriously, 7 days a week sometimes 18 hours a day – no exaggeration whatsoever! No plan, no strategy, just running on that damn wheel. WRONG!
  3. I was totally ignorant about marketing. If you don’t understand marketing you can’t reach enough people to buy you product. No customers = FAIL. You can sell just so much to your immediate family and friends then the gig is up.

Here’s the deal- I wasn’t working for shoe money.

I was the primary biscuit maker in the family, so making money wasn’t exactly a decision. It was make it rain or lose my house.

After my first fail I licked my wounds for like – hmmmm 5 minutes and then it’s go time once again. Let’s turn this around and make it real. It was that or go back to cube-hell.

Like a mad scientist I was behind the door learning marketing. (Seriously, ask my kids/husband they didn’t see me for days.)

I came out ready to rumble – went into business #2 and it was a slam dunk.

Over time, while working with my clients I quickly learned that they were attracted to me for more than my graphic design skills. It was my marketing knowledge they wanted and needed. They needed someone to connect the dots, they needed to know how to make their businesses profitable, and they needed a map. They also needed it to be simple and straight to the point.

Long story short and fast forward just a bit. I decided I really liked this marketing thing. I also loved teaching it.

I created the Perfect Marketing Equation. 

Over the past 4 years my business has changed form somewhat but I still stand on the same platform I always have.

I love teaching Internet marketing to entrepreneurs! I love empowering them with knowledge that makes a HARD difference to their bottom line.

I hope you’ll visit me here often!