I came from corporate America, as many entrepreneurs have post recession. I have a background as a high level sales executive, primarily in the advertising and marketing industry. I got booted from a career that I devoted a large portion of my professional life to, and loved. After that incident I decided that I was uncomfortable allowing someone else to have that much power over my life. I wanted that power to be my own.

So I left the cubicle world. My first attempt at entrepreneurship failed, sort of. I say sort of because is it really a failure if it leads you to the next step on your path to your true destination? Needless to say however, that first business didn’t work out. I used the skills in that business to transition to another business that did wonderfully. However, the yearning feeling inside was still there, that told me even though the business was successful it wasn’t my “true calling”. A few years go by and my true purpose reveals itself. That is when I created the Perfect Marketing Equation.

A Marketing Consultant That Finds True Purpose

Over time, while working with my clients I quickly learned that they were attracted to me for more than my graphic design skills. It was my marketing knowledge they wanted and needed. They needed someone to connect the dots, they needed to know how to make their businesses profitable, and they needed a map. They also needed it to be simple and straight to the point.

It was then I combined all the marketing knowledge I had learned that made my second business a quick success. I created a business plan to launch the Perfect Marketing Equation. The Perfect Marketing Equation is a 10 step proprietary process that teaches solopreneurs first how to build a solid foundation for a business and secondly how to design a practical marketing strategy specifically for their needs and business model.

It’s an amazing feeling to realize your true purpose after a very long and sometimes painful journey.  Everything I had done over the past 4 years was a ripple effect, everything touching and revealing the other. Every mistake and failure was completely necessary.

Sometimes you don’t have all the answers; you just must trust that in time it will reveal itself to you. However, one thing you cannot do is stand still. You must keep moving toward it even if you are unsure exactly what it is, just trust your gut. Don’t be afraid to fail. Every failure and success is necessary, as you will use the knowledge and experience to get closer to your true calling.

“It’s my passion and purpose to help entrepreneurs learn marketing tactics that grows their businesses.”

On a more personal note, I’m married to an incredible (and gorgeous!) man that has encouraged, supported, and believed in me despite my shenanigans over the past 4 years! I also have 3 great kids that are older and becoming amazing people on their own. In my personal time I love cooking, entertaining, and just hanging out with my family and friends. I absolutely LOVE to be in the kitchen, Italian is my favorite!

Even though I am very outspoken when it comes to marketing, in my personal space I’m a very quiet person, and sometimes think talking is over-rated (LOL). My favorite night out is a night in with a bottle of wine and an old movie on the tube.