What a few of my loved and treasured clients have to say about me, the services I provide, and how it has impacted their businesses.

“Tammy is an expert in the field of sales and marketing. She not only understands how to make money in sales but more importantly she has mastered the art of teaching her techniques in an entertaining way to others. She was awesome to work with and had everyone highly engaged thoughout the training. Our sales staff felt the training was phenomenal as she shared invaluable techniques so they have the right sales mindset. Everyone left highly motivated and ready to put their new techniques into action to close more sales.”

- Jennifer Caton, Managing Director, AAA Travel

“Tammy spoke to our AAF Pensacola Chapter at our Lunch-n-Learn. Her no-nonsense approach to solo and small business marketing awakened a room full of longtime marketing and advertising specialists who walked away with new and enlightening observations. Anyone who engages Tammy should first be willing to take a good hard look in the mirror she holds up and then be ready to move forward with her advice.”

-  Mason Guttery, American Advertising Federation Pensacola

“In an evolving industry, we are challenged with fierce competition and what Tammy brings is a strategic marketing campaign that serves the needs of our firm and our clients. Tammy displays professionalism with the truest sense and has an uncanny knack for developing a marketing strategy that is coherent for the 21st century. Tammy has developed a web site for our firm that applies for our current market and social needs. She has also given us more of an online presence through Google and through social media sites. Tammy’s knowledge, compassion with small business owner’s, and leadership has helped our firm to explore different avenues of marketing, resulting in more leads. We would recommend Tammy Hawk-Bridges without hesitation. If we can provide any additional insight or recommendations, please do not hesitate to call.”

Adam Bidner, Andy OnCall

“As a business owner used to traditional marketing and networking, I was very confused by all the social media.  The tools were all new and I thought “fluff” because I only saw my kids on it.  Then I met Tammy and we began to put a strategy in place and branded all these new “marketing channels” along with Search Engine Optimization.  I went to number #1 on the search pages, have a blog with an RSS feed that gets picked up each month by 1 to 4 traditional media outlets and I now travel and work with global clients from Colombia to Saudi Arabia.  I can’t thank Tammy enough for her skill sets, creativity and support.”

Elaine Allison, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

“How do you explain the brilliance of Tammy? She is exceptionally creative, phenomenally talented and amazingly insightful. Her approach to customer service is outstanding. From our first contact (she was highly recommended to me by a trusted colleague) until the completion of the project; Tammy’s advice, wisdom and guidance delivered unbelievable results. I was able to recommend her to many people and several have hired her also enjoying great results! Hire Tammy, she rocks! Her work is brilliant and she knows her stuff!”

Neen James, Productivity Speaker & Thought Leadership Expert

“If you need someone on your team that knows how to market online then you need Tammy.  Many firms I have worked with don’t have a good grasp of the overall strategy before they start executing. Tammy understands the big picture and how all of the pieces connect so that when you execute you will get results. She is highly reliable and will keep a project moving.  I got stuck several times because of the many projects I implement as a business owner and changing priorities. I was easily able to get back on track with Tammy’s help.  She goes above and beyond in helping you with your strategy and the plans to execute it as well as the analysis needed to continue to change the course for even better results.”

Alice Heiman,

“Tammy is a dream to work with. She is flexible and listens. More importantly she doesn’t take a  cookie-cutter approach to dealing with her clients. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Kate Zabriskie, Business Training Works

“I was ready to take my business to the next level, I’m self employed and want to grow my client base, her workshop answered that question and so much more. Immediately I felt motivated, empowered and able to make a plan and put it into action. Her content is practical, engaging and enjoyable. Thanks Tammy!” 

Mindy Santo, Conciergo

“If you’re a small business owner like me chances are you decided to start your own business because you love what you do – and chances are what you love to do has nothing to do with finding your niche and knowing how to market yourself…..Tammy’s workshop gave me the tools I needed to know where to start. Her proven methods are practical and strategic –  I only wish that I could have attended my first year in business!” 

Brian Burns, CEO Cahaba Fitness


“I highly recommend Tammy’s workshops. It’s jam-packed with excellent tips and advice that you can quickly incorporate in your business. Tammy is defiantly an expert in her field. She is did an excellent job explaining things so you truly understood them. This made the workshop extremely valuable.” 

- Jennifer Caton, Managing Director, AAA Travel Services

“Tammy delivered powerful and on-target information in her workshop. I took pages of notes and noted several specific actions steps I could take. You walk into her workshop with fuzzy ideas of what to do and walk out with a plan on how to market your business.  Well worth the time spent!” 

Dale Callahan Author of Resumes are Worthless, Faculty of entrepreneurship, and Director of Information Engineering and Management at UAB