The Power of Email Marketing

email marketingLast week’s Entrepreneur Education segment of Marketing Pie was about the importance of building a list. It was probably the highest read email I’ve done in quite sometime. That tells me a couple of things about my readership – first of all you know how important it is, and secondly perhaps you haven’t done the best job of doing it.

Hey, that’s okay – I’m not here to judge – I’m here to help point you in the right direction. I do want to tell you though – if you continue to not build your list, you’re literally throwing money down the toilet.

Use Email Marketing to Attract Clients

My email marketing efforts literally catapulted my business. As my audience grew, my reach grew, and as my reach grew so did my opportunities. Suddenly, I didn’t have to hit the pavement – people were coming to me. You see, sales is a hard job. You have to prove to people that you have a good product or service that serves their needs. You have to convince them however, to first give you their time (no easy task) before you can actually prove that point. Now, you can hit the pavement and dial for dollars if you want, but I however, prefer a different approach. I prefer for my prospect to come to me.

6 Compelling Reasons for Email Marketing

1. Stay in Front of Your Customers and Prospects – Selling is about timing, theirs not yours, and you never know when that time is so that’s why you stay in front of your client or prospect and when the time comes you’ll be first on their mind.

2. Cross-selling and Product Launching – You know where your best sales opportunities are? Clients and customers you already have! Do they know everything you do? When you come out with a new product or service guess who is the best candidate to buy? Yes! People you’ve already sold to, like and trust you!

3. Gage the Needs of Your Audience – This is probably one of my favorite uses of email marketing. Email marketing creates reports whereas you can see how many times your email was opened and who opened it the most etc. This is a great way to figure out what are the top concerns of your audience and what they’re most interested in. Newsflash – It doesn’t really matter what YOU want to sell. What matters is what your TARGET wants to buy. 

When I wrote my book, Yanking Bootstraps – Bootstrap Your Business to Success, I used my email newsletters as a tool to see what my readers would respond the best to. I looked back over a year of email newsletters and that gave me the best map to writing a book for entrepreneurs. Now THIS is market research!

4. Sing for Your Supper – Earlier I mentioned about how I like to bring my prospects to me. Let me tell you how that works! Email marketing can allow you a medium to be an expert in your field. Find out exactly what it is that your target market needs to know (thats relevant to you that is) and be a resource for them. Create great content that serves as a very important resource to your market. This is how you’ll grow your credibility and trust as an expert in your field. When people trust you – they buy from you.

5. Creating a Pipeline – This particular avenue works best for the Business to Business model. Do you have a list of your top prospects? How about sending them out great emails on a regular basis that serves as a resource for them? Then when you’re reviewing your open reports you can see who opened it the most. Then reach out to that person and just offer a little hello – because sometimes it takes that. Had you rather be calling people that don’t know you from Adam or had you rather have warm leads from people that know who you are and are engaging with what you’re saying?

6. Bring in Traffic to Your Store or Website – Now this works best for a Shiny Bauble Businesses (Retail – handbags, shoes, art etc.) You can offer great deals, special sales, and discounts that can literally increase traffic to your store or website in one click! However, the website traffic factor works for ANY business. The day I send out my newsletter – my website traffic triples.

If you’re not using email marketing I sure hope I’ve provided a powerful argument as to why you should be doing it.




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    Email marketing does have great importance. It is left for the marketer to take cue and do the best they can about it.

    The challenge of many Internet marketers with regards to building a list is often associated with understanding how to make the process work.

    Well, with the compelling reasons shared we obviously have fresh ideas of how to make it work!

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