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Google My Business is an incredible marketing tool for a local service-based business which will SKY ROCKET your revenue when leveraged strategically.

It makes me so sad that so few businesses use it well, especially given the fact it is a completely free tool.

Another reason why I love this marketing tool so much is it can be used for both sides of the marketing strategy focus. It is a great tool for a long term marketing strategy but at the same time can bring short term rewards like more traffic to your website and calls to your business.

When your customers go to look for your business online either to get directions or for other information your Google Business Places is the first thing they see.

They see reviews about your business and how you talk to your customers.

That’s why it’s a good idea to ask all your customers to give you reviews and also respond every time they leave one for you.

Additionally, did you know your Google Business Place could give you a huge Internet ranking boost? 

When people go to the Internet and conduct a search Google Business Pages take up a large portion of the landscape. 

If your page is completely populated meaning all sections are filled out and optimized AND you get great reviews yours can rank above your competitors!

A greatly optimized Google Business page with a ton of good reviews has 2 major benefits to your local marketing strategy:

  1. It helps you to rank higher in organic search results.

  2. It shows people who find your business online how well you conduct your business. 

Remember this rule, a one-star increase in a business rating can equate to a 5% to 9% revenue increase! (And I have SEEN these results happen – it is REAL!)

Google Business Places – A Client Case Study - A $200K Revenue Gain


This is a client of mine who owns a handyman service in Alpharetta Ga.

I also want to add that he is located in the Atlanta area, which is very competitive for his niche.

He has handyman businesses all around him!

So how do we get more exposure in a very crowded environment?

We outsmart them.

Truthfully, it isn’t that hard.

Most businesses are very lazy when it comes to their marketing efforts.

They aren’t consistent and this is how we go in and beat them!

Referencing the graphic above, when I first started working with this client you had to click more places in order to see his.

As you can see now he is at the top of the heap and this alone increased his revenue by over $200K last year.

Here is another huge factor: Due to the fact that our organic reach is so strong we were able to scale back on our Google Adwords.

Last year we spent only $6K in Google Adwords and still brought in a ton of revenue leveraging the Internet.

The additional revenue was gained merely as a result of consistent growth of reviews.

Those reviews made his Google Business Place rank 1st in the search, this grew his visibility, ranking and CLICKS.

Those clicks turned into customers!

This is actual data a client’s Google Business page and represents 3 months of data. As you can see 416 clicks to their website and 225 click to calls. This is a 400% increase over last year and merely because we stepped up our effort to get good reviews. These clicks and calls over 1 year equated to an additional $200K in revenue!



If you haven’t, claimed your Google Business Page look for yours and claim it today! It’s critical to your local marketing strategy!

Additionally make sure you don’t have multiple business places and if you do delete the duplicate(s) immediately as this will be counter productive to your efforts.

Populate your Google Business page until it reaches 100%. 

Here are your action steps:

  1. Make sure that your profile is 100% completed.

  2. Include product or service keywords in your listing description also list one or two of the cities or suburbs where your target market lives. Be sure not to overuse your keywords.

    ⚠️ DO NOT KEYWORD STUFF! This means do not put in keywords in the line where the name of your business goes. This is a MAJOR NO-NO with Google and can cause you to be on probation and during that time frame your business place will not show in searches. 

  3. When your Google Business page is finished and completely optimized then encourage all your best customers to leave positive reviews on your page. Remember this can impact your search status almost overnight!

  4. Consider launching a campaign with an incentive to customers who leave feedback for you on Google. It can be a coupon, a special discount – whatever you want to be. I revert back to an earlier statement remember those reviews equate to sales! So it’s worth a well thought out effort to create a marketing strategy that increases reviews.

  5. Include your Google page link on your newsletters and your website making it easier for people to leave reviews for you. You can go here to generate a link easily .

  6. Once you open up this effort you can’t just leave it! You should check your reviews weekly. Even when you get good reviews you should respond and say thank you, it just looks good. When you have a bad review make sure you address it immediately! Nothing is worse than people seeing bad reviews on your Google page that go ignored.

Marketing Fundamentals for Service-Based Businesses

Marketing has many wheels that need to be constantly turning. However, I have summarized the most important pieces here in Marketing Fundamentals.

Short & Long-Term Strategies

A great marketing strategy has two parts, short-term gain and a long-term growth strategy.  

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Your Website 

If you have a service-based business you must have a website which populates for searches relevant to your niche.

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Online Advertising 

If you own a service-based business having a great online marketing strategy is not a choice – it’s a necessity for survival.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is an incredible marketing tool for a local service-based business which will SKY ROCKET your revenue when leveraged strategically.

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Your Existing Customers 

It’s much more expensive to reach a new customer than it is an existing one. If you sell more than one product are you cross-selling? If not you are definitely losing opportunities.

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Grow Your List 

A huge asset in your business is your list. A list of people who have at one time or another either did business with you or were considering it. 

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