I operate my practice a bit differently than you may be accustomed to. It is small and my relationships with my clients are extremely intimate. They do not see me as a vendor, they see me as a very important part of their business.

 The second thing you need to understand is I am on the profit side of marketing –  which means I am all about results. I'm not interested in fluff, so I won't get excited over the various colors in your logo. 

 Every client’s business needs are different.

Therefore you are treated as an INDIVIDUAL and not pushed into a process that is turn-and-burn. 

 When I meet with a new client, we decide what our plan is, and I then design a marketing process around those goals. The process I create dictates the tools we use.

On a regular basis those goals are evaluated and when it comes time our process can change.

Read over the information you find here. If you are interested in having a discussion with me you will see an area below to send me a request. 

During this conversation we will determine if you are a fit for my practice and me for your business. Even if we determine we are not a fit, I guarantee you will not walk away from the conversation empty-handed.

Below are the considerations when designing a marketing process.

Want to Chat?

Reach out to me if you want to schedule a chat. We can decide if we are a fit for eachother. I am currently looking for small businesses to join my marketing practice. My costs are incredibly affordable and if you've ever worked with a marketing person before - I feel pretty confident to say you have NEVER experienced anything like me. 

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Steve Turman
The Window Guyz

"In less than a month my calls doubled. In less than 6 months my business had grown 100%. I just wish I had hired her sooner."

Craig Stephens
Real Estate Matrix


"I've had a website for 12 years that we paid a lot of money for. Not once had we EVER gotten business from it, that is until we started working with Tammy." 

Doug Parker
Andy OnCall 

"As a result of working with an online expert such as Tammy we are now the top revenue producing franchise across the country."