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Email Marketing This is one of the most under-valued and under-used marketing tools. Designing an email newsletter written to educate your customers and keep them informed of special offers and promotions will grow your business. Selling is about timing! Your customer's timing not yours! Which is why you have to be using email marketing to stay in front of your customer list constantly! For many retail businesses email marketing can literally drive traffic to your store THAT DAY! 

Facebook Marketing Every business is on Faceook the problem is they aren't leveraging it to convert customers. Your customer is on Facebook! They are logged in constantly and check it multiple times a day. This is where you want to get their attention! Any business that is spending money to convert customers and they are not using Facebook as the primary driver is leaving a ton of money on the table. We manage your Facebook page properly but most importantly I am a trained expert at Facebook ad creation.

PPC Ad Placement Bottom line consumers are on the Internet every day looking for your services. Any time your business is not returned in their query you lose money and your competitors get richer. Most people I talk to for the first time ask me, "Do people really click on those ads?" The answer is HECK YES they do! If it weren't for PPC advertising a few of my clients wouldn't even have a business and that is the honest truth. When visiting with a new client the first time we take the budget you have available and decide which platforms are fit your business the best and that is where your budget is allocated. 

Sales Funnels The proper definition of a sales funnel is a marketing system. It’s the “ideal” process you intend your customers to experience as they go from Prospect to Lead to Customer to Repeat Buyer. A sales funnel can look very different from business to business. How it is set up depends on the objective and what your sales process looks like. Is it to get new customers/clients? Cross-selling to existing ones? Is your business point of sale? Or do you have a sales cycle? Let us build a sales funnel for your business that creates a constant stream of leads. We will work with you to determine your objective and sales process then it's a matter of putting the pieces together. 

Google Business Places This is the most important business listing besides your website on the Internet. Any service-based business lucky enough to be listed in the top 3 will definitely get business from it. But this is more than a business listing, it's an Internet "hub" for your business. It's where people go to leave feedback about your business and make the decision if you're worthy of clicking the call button. A great new feature on your Google Business Places is now you have the ability to take messages from customers! Let us show you how yours can be placed at the top of the search! There is also a business listing opportunity with Bing which we also set up for you.

Content Creation There is tremendous value in creating content that your ideal customer finds valuable and positions you as a leader in your niche. I see many businesses attempt this however, I see very few doing a good or consistent effort. My personal philosophy is to first take the position of educating your customer, this is always the first priority. The sales or call to action component can be present but it needs to be secondary when you're offering high-value content. In our process we create content for the blog that we multi-purpose and also use for the newsletters and other tools.

Online Directories Making sure all of your business listings are correct and fully populated can be a tremendous asset to your Internet ranking signal. Directories such as Yelp need to be claimed and optimized. When your customers do a search for your business directly or as a category these listings appear. We've found that 70% of the time there is incorrect information on these directories. This is why it's important they are constantly managed for errors and also reviews. 

Reviews and Reputation Review marketing is absolutely critical to a consumer-driven business model! Research indicates a one-star increase in a business rating can equate to a 5% to 9% revenue increase! The reverse is 87% of consumers can lose trust in your business if they see a negative review written about you. Ignoring these marketing tools can literally cost you business! Every business should have a plan in place to address bad reviews. 

Marketing is the force that drives new customers to your business! I will design a solid strategy and then carry it through consistently. That is how profitable businesses are built.

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