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If you own a service-based business having a great online marketing strategy is not a choice – it’s a necessity for survival.

I know from experience just hearing the word marketing can stress out many business owners. But here’s the simple truth, marketing isn’t really all that complicated.

Marketing is merely a form of communicating.



It’s about finding a group of people that are your target, then finding ways to get your marketing messages out to them on a regular and consistent basis.

They need to know:

  1. What you are selling.
  2. What the value of it is.
  3. Why they should care.

Your Target Market is Online

If you have a service-based business most people are going to search for what you sell online.

They will take out their handheld device and conduct an Internet search by keyword.

They will then make a choice from the first few results they see. If your business isn’t there you don’t get the call, it’s just that simple.

Google Adwords


If your business isn’t in the top results a great way to give your business great presence is a Google Adword campaign.

However, even if your business IS at the top of organic search, using Google Adwords is still a great idea!

Why? Well, think of it from a user perspective. (Seriously, take off your business owner hat and just consider your perspective as a consumer, when you search for something on the Internet how do you choose the result you will click on?)

If your business is dominating the search results meaning they see you in multiple places you are more likely to get the click or call.

Think of it like this, there is a certain amount of real estate the searcher is going to take notice of and if you are seen more than once in that space they will feel compelled to choose you.

You are dominating the real estate so you MUST be the best choice right?

A Google Adword campaign is a marketing vehicle for most service-based businesses due to the search factor. However, there are many other reasons, a big one is the lower customer conversion cost.

What does it cost you to convert a lead into a customer?

Let’s take a look at direct mail for example.


The Argument Against Direct Mail


Direct mail isn’t completely irrelevant – not yet anyway.

In certain parts of the country direct mail services like Valpak ( direct mailing service) are still essential for service-based businesses to reach a certain demographic.

However, here’s the fly in ointment – it’s very expensive when you consider the cost of customer conversion.

Let me give you an example:

Currently I have a client still using Valpak to reach a certain target market (baby boomers). Using this vehicle it costs him $58 and higher to convert a lead to customer.


ValPak Customer Cost: $58
Google Ad Customer Cost: $14


However in contrast, using Google Adwords we can convert a lead to a customer for $14.

So, you do the math. 🤓


Facebook Ads


Often I’ll have someone ask me should I do Facebook or Google ads?

It’s actually not a question of this one or the other because Facebook and Google ads work very differently.

So my short answer is both …….you need both because again they work very differently.

Google Adwords are more of a purposeful effort as the searcher performs an action to find services online on demand.

Whereas Facebook ads are referred to as disruptive or passive marketing.

They are disruptive because you have someone on Facebook minding their own business reading their feed, looking at their friend’s pictures, and then here comes your ad.

They aren’t necessarily looking for a dentist for example but here you are.

Which is great because eventually they will need your services right?

Earlier I mentioned marketing is about finding a group of qualified people to target and get your message in front of – nothing is better than Facebook for this.

Your target market IS on Facebook as you should be as well.

There are tons of very strategic ways to use Facebook ads that can create a flood of leads for your business, so it’s a very valuable platform.

One thing I want to share is the way I use Facebook for many of my clients. If you have a home improvement business and you sell home siding for example, your product is at a price point whereas you are going to have a selling cycle. This means people don't buy in that hot second and they may be doing comparison shopping.

This is when retargeting comes in handy. If you have the Facebook pixel on your website you can retarget your traffic with a relevant ad regarding your business. This is a great strategy for keeping your business top of mind. We do really well with this strategy!


Your Customer is Online


There are many other ways to reach your target market online I just wanted to point out a few of the ones we use the most and find to be most effective.

The most important thing is understanding your customer is online and you have to be willing to pay to be where they are.



It is imperative to understand what it costs your business to convert a new lead to a customer or patient and get your check book out otherwise your business will grow at a glacier pace in a very fast and competitive world.

Marketing Fundamentals for Service-Based Businesses

Marketing has many wheels that need to be constantly turning. However, I have summarized the most important pieces here in Marketing Fundamentals.

Short & Long-Term Strategies

A great marketing strategy has two parts, short-term gain and a long-term growth strategy.  

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Your Website 

If you have a service-based business you must have a website which populates for searches relevant to your niche.

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Online Advertising 

If you own a service-based business having a great online marketing strategy is not a choice – it’s a necessity for survival.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is an incredible marketing tool for a local service-based business which will SKY ROCKET your revenue when leveraged strategically.

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Your Existing Customers 

It’s much more expensive to reach a new customer than it is an existing one. If you sell more than one product are you cross-selling? If not you are definitely losing opportunities.

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Grow Your List 

A huge asset in your business is your list. A list of people who have at one time or another either did business with you or were considering it. 

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