© 2021 Marketing Education for the Clueless Business Owner

© 2021 Marketing Education for the Clueless Business Owner

Hosted by: Tammy Hawk-Bridges

The Marketing Education for the Clueless Business Owner podcast will be THE go-to resource marketing tips and practical business advice you can use to grow your business! As a lead generation expert my content will...

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EP 11: Should You Do Business with HomeAdvisor?

If there is one thing in the world I have ZERO tolerance for, it is dishonesty. That is true in my personal life and in business. If I find that someone I am doing business with has been dishonest with me it's a...
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EP: 10 Fixed VS Growth Mindsets - Which Business Owner is More Successful?

What happens when you have 30 people running the same franchise business, with the same playbook, and give them access to the same resources? Some will have great success, some mediocre, some poor and a few will fail...
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Episode 9: Changing Focus with My Podcast / When Time Comes for Change

This episode is going to be a little different. I haven't recorded a podcast in a while and it's because I hit a bump in the road. I found it necessary to regroup and refocus my energy. My podcast is a huge part of...
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Ep 8: It's NEVER Just About Business. It Should ALWAYS Be Personal.

I feel certain you have heard the phrase, “It’s not personal, it’s just business”.No set of words have ever outraged me more. I remember the defining moment when I lost my corporate job during the recession, the...
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EP 7: 3 Life-Changing Mindset Hacks to Combat Entrepreneur Challenges

There are plenty of folks out there selling entrepreneurism. They make it seem so wonderful as they talk about working only 10 hours a week, vacation homes and big paychecks.You know what they don't talk about? The...
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EP 6: Using the Law of Attraction to Have My First Big Month in My Own Business

My first business venture had failed and I was beginning number two. It was in month two of my new venture I discovered the a book about the law of attraction. I was desperate and could not afford to fail again. One...
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EP 5: Treating Myself Like An Employee

Episode #5

I was failing miserably to get my new business effort off the ground. No one was responding to my emails or phone calls.  Once I sat down and simply retraced my steps in my past career I found the missing link. It was...
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EP 4: The VERY Expensive Oversight

Episode #4

I have had a few hard bumps in my journey as an entrepreneur, some more rocky than others and…... some just downright gut-wrenching hard.  The beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur is such a blur. I was so...
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EP 3: 18 Hour Days & Giving 150% = Failing?

Episode #3

I gave it all my effort, armed with the knowledge and expertise I had at that time. I gave it a year, working sometimes 18-hour days – seven days a week. That is not an exaggeration. My kids were in their last years...
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EP 2: The Deep-Seeded Need to Feel Ownership

Episode #2

In just about every job I have ever had it was always important for me to stand out.   I used to think the reason I pushed myself so hard was that I was competitive.  However, it was in my journey to having my own...
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EP 1: Podcast Overview and a Lesson on Seeking Clarity

Episode #1

Welcome!Hello there and welcome to the very first episode! I have wanted to create this podcast for such a long time and I am so excited to finally have it launched!Going on 11 years ago I lost a job I loved. I...
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