Ep 8: It's NEVER Just About Business. It Should ALWAYS Be Personal.

I feel certain you have heard the phrase, “It’s not personal, it’s just business”.

No set of words have ever outraged me more. 

I remember the defining moment when I lost my corporate job during the recession, the gut-wrenching change to my life that made me leave the cubicle world to never return.

I remember leaving my managers office feeling like I was punched right in the gut. A coworker greeted me in an effort to console me, "Tammy, don't be so upset, don't take it so personally, it's just a job."

That is the biggest line of bull**** anyone can ever say in that moment. 


The world is changing around us so quickly. It seems more and more I hear people talk about how hard it is to find good help. Work ethic is declining.  Perhaps that is so.

But I seem to think there is more than one side to this problem. 

Perhaps there are employers who have forgotten what's really important? 

I have been heart-hurt in my business on more than one occasion. My husband tells me I take things too personally.

I disagree whole-heartedly. 

If you ever want to make a real difference in the world, a difference to your client or your customer – take it personally. It should ALWAYS be personal.

In today's podcast episode I talk about the largest organic tool/weapon you have as a human being - your words. I also share some pretty personal experiences that I feel are a great argument as to why things should ALWAYS be personal and not just business. 


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