EP 7: 3 Life-Changing Mindset Hacks to Combat Entrepreneur Challenges

There are plenty of folks out there selling entrepreneurism. They make it seem so wonderful as they talk about working only 10 hours a week, vacation homes and big paychecks.

You know what they don't talk about? 

The dark stuff.

The real stuff that happened before they got to take all those trips to the bank.

Here's the thing, hardship doesn't sell. 

Yes, I have a great life. But YES there are times I do not want to get out of bed.

Yes, there are days I struggle.

The other consideration is life is messy sometimes. Things get hard to navigate.

But what about when you still have a business to run?

That is what this episode is about. How to navigate the tough times and I want to arm you with some of my hacks that I have found literally - LIFE CHANGING! 


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