EP 11: Should You Do Business with HomeAdvisor?

If there is one thing in the world I have ZERO tolerance for, it is dishonesty.

That is true in my personal life and in business.

If I find that someone I am doing business with has been dishonest with me it's a definite end to the relationship. If I cannot trust your word, I cannot do business with you.

So what happens when literally at HELLO you are lied to? Would you STILL do business with that person or company? Today we are going to talk about a company that is infamous for dishonesty.

It is not my intention to harm any business. It is merely my intention to educate, so that you the business owner... can make informative decisions about marketing your business with the least amount of risk.

Today's episode will be about some first hand experiences with HomeAdvisor and a share of some research I conducted.


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