Short & Long-Term Strategies


One of the most important things you will do for the profitability of your business is to create a consistent marketing strategy.

A great marketing strategy has two parts:

  • Short-term gains
  • A long-term growth strategy

The long-term component comes from merely having a strategy or a marketing process as I call it which is consistent.

Consistency is key here.

I have been working with business owners for the past 10 years and I have learned a ton!

One thing I have learned is, the most powerful thing we can do in our marketing is to be thorough, focused, and consistent.

This will blow my client’s competitors out of the water.


80% of small businesses are not consistent at marketing; their efforts aren’t very strategic – they are mainly 100% focused on short-term gains with no long-term strategy.

The long-term strategy component is the Achilles heel of most small service-based businesses and this weakness makes it very easy for me to rank my client above them.


Long-Term Growth Factors

Your Website

One of your greatest assets is a website that’s highly searchable for top keywords which your target market uses to search for what you sell. This will pay your business back in dividends year after year.

As a matter of fact, not enough business owners understand that a website is not merely an expensive business card.

A website’s job is to make your business money and if it doesn’t it is broken – bottom line.

When a website is designed well and strategically used it provides a financial reward that is literally like compounded interest – it will give back to your business year after year.

Google Business Places

Another very important piece of the long-term growth marketing side (even though it does have short term rewards) is tools like your Google Business Place and having a very strong focus on receiving good reviews. Also, leveraging your business place properly and all the bells and whistles that comes along with it.

As a matter of fact to be specific, I have one service-based business client in my practice that owns a small business that grosses a little over a million dollars a year. In 2017 we added over $200,000 in revenue to his small service-based business merely from having a very hard focus on our Google Business Place and consistent reviews.

The revenue was gained merely as a result of consistent growth of reviews. Those reviews made his Google Business Place rank 1st in the search, this grew his visibility, ranking and CLICKS. Those clicks turned into customers!

The graphic below displays actual data a client’s Google Business page and represents 3 months of data. As you can see 416 clicks to their website and 225 click to calls. This is a 400% increase over last year and merely because we stepped up our effort to get good reviews. These clicks and calls over 1 year equated to an additional $200K in revenue!

Grow Your List – The 3 R’s of Marketing

Another part of long term is growing your list and leveraging it in a way that allows you to stay in front of people who are using your services and/or at one point has used your services or was interested.

For many businesses this one powerful facet of marketing (leveraging the list you already have) goes unused, which leaves tons of money on the table that could be in your bank account.

Leveraging your customer list properly is using what I call the 3 R’s of Marketing

The 3 R’s are:

  1. Reinforce your marketing messages with existing/past customers.
  2. Remind past customers and prospects of the value of your product or service.
  3. Rekindle relationships with your past customers and keep them coming back to your business instead of your competitors.

Staying in front of your existing and past customers is very important and once again reinforces an investment you’ve potentially already made to bring them into your business.

Online Advertising

Marketing efforts that are consistent and have a long-term focus pays your business dividends over time and reinforces the short-term gains that you’ve paid money for (online advertising).

Once you build a great online presence and your customer can find you at the top of the search – you can spend less on paid ads – most businesses are so focused on NOW they totally miss the mark here.

Now, let’s talk about an instrument used for shorter-term gains, I am talking about using paid online ads.

Your potential customer or patient takes out their mobile and conducts a search for your products and services.

Most of the time they will do a voice search.

If you want to grow your business, it’s very important you appear in this search – but not just IN it, at the top of it, because that is where the action is.

If you have a service-based business whereas you know people are actively searching for your products or services your tool of choice should be Google Adwords. Google Adwords will bring daily leads into your business and provide a great return for your short-term gain strategy.

If your website doesn’t appear naturally at the top of search results for top keywords your target market would use, Google Ads will PUT you there. 

If you aren’t ALREADY doing this – this alone will make a positive and quick impact on your revenue.

Once again I want to state a great marketing strategy is made up of two parts:

  • Short-term gains
  • A long-term growth strategy

How are you doing at both and how can you do better?

Marketing Fundamentals for Service-Based Businesses

Marketing has many wheels that need to be constantly turning. However, I have summarized the most important pieces here in Marketing Fundamentals.

Short & Long-Term Strategies

A great marketing strategy has two parts, short-term gain and a long-term growth strategy.  

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Your Website 

If you have a service-based business you must have a website which populates for searches relevant to your niche.

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Online Advertising 

If you own a service-based business having a great online marketing strategy is not a choice – it’s a necessity for survival.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is an incredible marketing tool for a local service-based business which will SKY ROCKET your revenue when leveraged strategically.

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Your Existing Customers 

It’s much more expensive to reach a new customer than it is an existing one. If you sell more than one product are you cross-selling? If not you are definitely losing opportunities.

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Grow Your List 

A huge asset in your business is your list. A list of people who have at one time or another either did business with you or were considering it. 

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