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Being a business owner is hard. Wonderful, but sometimes very hard.

It's important to have reliable resources you can count on to give you the information you need. I want to be a resource to help you make better marketing decisions for your service-based business. Subscribe today and be the first to get new episodes!

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Practical Business Advice and Marketing Strategies for Service-Based Businesses


The Yanking Bootstraps podcast will share marketing tips, inspiration and practical advice for the service-based business owner. 

Marketing your business can be a scary and challenging task. There is so much information and everything changes really fast.

There are also many obstacles in your path like being ripped off by marketing companies. 

My podcast is going to be about educating you on current marketing trends. Teaching you how to be more profitable. And of course, how to avoid being lied to and ripped off by marketing companies.

Just a heads up episodes 1-8 are a bit different. It was after episode 8 I decided to pivot and focus more on the service-based business owner. 

I explain this change in direction in episode 9. (As of July 12, 2012 this episode is being produced and will be posted soon.)

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Failing Well

Often I get asked what did you say at the end? Did you say Fail-Well instead of Farewell? What does that mean? Why do you say that?

If you haven't listened to the very first episode this may be confusing to you. I am a believer in failing, failing well that is. When you fail on your journey because you took a wrong turn or made some sort of mistake that is awesome! This brings you closer to finding your clarity. It brings you closer to success! 

However, do it well meaning make that mistake and move on to make new ones. Don't make the same mistakes over and over. 

When you are frozen and not in active pursuit perhaps due to fear, you stay in the same place. 

So take action! Move forward! Make mistakes! Learn. Make new mistakes and find your clarity. This is where success lives.